International Affairs Coordinator (Office of International Affairs)
Full-time20K - 25K RMB per monthHangzhou
westlake university
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Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the Office of International Affairs with campus-wide internationalization efforts: 1). Organize events and activities that enhance the profile and recognition of the international community on campus. 2). Create a sense of welcome and belonging for international students by planning and organizing multicultural events. 3). Create effective, results-oriented relations across the entire campus, engaging staff, faculty, and students in campus-wide activities related to internationalization. 2. Support student admissions for undergraduate programs, including but not limited to: 1). Represent Westlake at both internal/external recruitment events/open days. 2). Participate in marketing and recruitment activities aimed at undergraduate international student populations. 3). Support the welcome and induction of incoming undergraduate international students. 3. Support the facilitation of international visits to the campus and international visits abroad. 4. Drafting and/or proofreading of English language documents. 5. Assist in administrative duties as needed.

Job Requirements

1. Demonstrated competence and experience in international education in a higher education setting (e.g., student admission, marketing/communications). 2. Master's or higher degree in International Education, International Relations, Chinese Language, or other international fields and/or equivalent experience/training is preferred. Applications are welcome from applicants with different academic backgrounds. 3. Ability to effectively communicate in Mandarin Chinese (HSK5/6). 4. Native or near-native level English fluency. Desired: 1. Familiarity with and experience in international education in a higher education setting (e.g., student admission, communications). 2. Cultural awareness and sensitivity to deal with a wide range of individuals and cultural contexts. 3. High degree of initiative, creativity and adaptability.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Education administration


1~3 years

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