Global Talent Development Manager
Zhejiang University
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Job Responsibilities

1.Assist in making the global talent team development strategy. 2.Be responsible for global talent recruitment, and accelerate the importing of high-level overseas talent. 3.Be responsible for international staffs’ management, activities organization, and projects application, and provide services for international staff and part-time experts. 4.Develop and maintain the relationship with international high-level universities, promote the international exchange and cooperation in personnel, and enhance the international reputation and influence of Zhejiang university.

Job Requirements

1. Master’s Degree or above. 2. Abide by Chinese laws and regulations and Chinese public order; follow the Chinese customs and teachers’ professional ethics; abide by the principle of the separation of education and religion, and approve the cultural spirit of Zhejiang University. 3. With good personal and professional ethics, and being physically and mentally healthy; be familiar with global higher education trends, and be qualified for the job requirements. 4. Master a basic level of communication in Chinese. 5. Be qualified to apply for the work permit and work-type residence permit in China. DESIRED EXPERIENCE 1. At least 3 years of management experience in higher education industry or famous enterprises. 2. Strong cross-cultural competence and ability to adapt in new environments. 3. Excellent organizational and management skills. 4. Strong drafting, editing, and analytical skills.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Education administration


Unlimited experience

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