English Localization and Game Operations Specialist
Full-time15K - 20K RMB per monthShanghai
Engine Games
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Job Responsibilities

**Job Responsibilities:** **Customer Support:** - Responsively answer player inquiries and address customer queries regarding company games, without any sales or voice phone communication involved. - Collect player feedback on game-related bugs and suggestions, continuously monitor game performance, and provide real-time solutions to player inquiries. - Assist in resolving various unexpected game issues and effectively track and address such challenges. - Demonstrate a strong customer-centric mindset with excellent communication and interpersonal skills to understand and guide customer emotions. **Community Maintenance:** - Maintain player communities, handle daily community-related tasks, and assist game administrators with routine management duties. - Monitor community risks and feedback, gather and consolidate player opinions and suggestions, and contribute to optimizing the community environment. **Support Development and Operations:** - Take responsibility for the service experience in various product release regions. Use data and scenario analysis to identify service bottlenecks and provide key insights from customer service and the community to the development and operations teams. Assist the development team in understanding player needs and contribute to pre-release localization efforts. - Be responsible for identifying and analyzing common issues within the team and providing effective solutions. Ensure the implementation and enhancement of these solutions. **Assisting in Process Optimization and FAQ Enhancement:** - Regularly consolidate and enhance the FAQ script database, while actively assisting in localization translation to ensure accurate information dissemination. - Continuously refine workflow processes to improve operational efficiency and service quality, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration.

Job Requirements

1. Fluent in Chinese; English native speakers are preferred. Non-native English speakers should have at least an IELTS score of 7.0. 2. A strong passion for gaming, familiarity with two or more games, and a strong desire to excel in the gaming service industry. 3. Possess strong logical thinking and problem analysis skills, maintain a high level of confidentiality and responsibility, handle work pressure effectively, and manage time efficiently to achieve set goals. 4. Exhibit professionalism, strong principles, excellent learning ability, focus on skills and timeliness, and a keen interest in new technologies and tools, actively learning and applying them. 5. Exceptional communication skills and a talent for collaboration with others to effectively articulate core issues and provide solutions. 6. In-depth understanding of the gaming environment and user characteristics in Southeast Asia, with strong capabilities in handling customer complaints. 7. Willingness to provide coverage during weekends and holidays as necessary, with a quick response to player requests and an understanding of the need to sacrifice personal time in special circumstances.

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Community Operation/Localization Operation


Unlimited experience

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