Brand Creative Director
Full-time45k - 50K RMB per monthShanghai
Sinowell (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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Job Responsibilities

1. Develop brand communication strategies and creative ideas, independently output integrated marketing plans, and collaborate across departments to promote plan execution. 2. Develop product promotion strategies, analyze consumer needs, and create different promotion plans for new and existing products based on market research, product categories, and target audiences. 3. Utilize various channel resources such as SNS, KOLs, Discord, forums, etc., to maintain brand exposure, improve brand awareness, and increase brand traffic conversion rates. 4. Based on the brand tone, identify product selling points and continuously output creative product marketing materials. 5. Other tasks related to brand marketing. 1.制定品牌传播策略和创意,独立输出品牌整合营销方案,跨部门协作推动方案落地执行 2.制定产品推广策略,洞察消费者需求,根据前期对市场、产品品类、目标受众的分析,来制定新产品、老产品的不同推广策略 3.通过整合利用SNS, KOL, Discord, Forum等多种渠道资源,维持品牌曝光,提升品牌认知度,提高品牌流量转化率。 4.根据品牌调性,挖掘产品卖点,不断输出产品营销素材创意 5.其他和品牌营销相关事宜

Job Requirements

1.Positive attitude, attention to detail, customer-oriented, and have a good multitasking and organizational skills. 2.English Native Speaker is a must, Mandarin mastery is preferred. 3.Bachelor's degree or above. 4. 5+ years of experience in European and American brand planning, excellent copywriting, and event planning skills. 4.Familiar with major social media platforms, aware of marketing industry characteristics, and have a strong sense of target achievement. 5.Excellent communication skills and a sense of responsibility. 1.积极的态度、细心,以客户为导向,具有良好的多任务处理和组织能力 2.必须以英语为母语,精通普通话者优先。 3.本科及以上学历。 4.5年以上欧美品牌策划经验,优秀的文案撰写,活动策划能力。 5.熟悉各大社交媒体平台,了解营销行业特点,目标达成意识强。 6.优秀的沟通能力和责任感。

Required Languages

Mandarin, English

Job Details

Position type

Marketing specialist/Marketing manager


5~10 years

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