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Job Responsibilities

Advantages of This Position: 1. Home-based, enjoy your life and earn money at the same time. 2. Travel with a laptop, there will be classrooms all over the world with stableinternet. 3. Flexible working hours, you are the boss of yourschedule. 4. Don’t need to make PPTs. Coursewares are provided, making it so easy to finish a class. 5. Free professional development workshop. Salary and Bonuses: 1. Salary range: 90-130RMB per class (45 minutes), depending on your qualification and teaching experience 2. Bonuses: A. In one month, if you can have 60 lessons, you will get 500RMB attendance bonuses. If you can have 100 lessons, you will get 1000RMB attendance bonuses. B. 500RMB referral bonuses.

Job Requirements

1. Online English teaching for young learners aging 5-12. 2. Bachelor degree or above. 3. TEFL/TESOL certificate. 4 Native English speakers or non-native teachers with clear and standard accent. 5. Outgoing, enthusiastic, patient, friendly and love kids. 6. Stable internet, laptop or PC are both OK (windows or mac are both fine).

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English teacher


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