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Job Responsibilities

工作职责: 1、在微信群和学生进行互动,给学生纠音、答疑、口语对话,提供语言环境 2、每周在指定平台进行1-2场直播 3、150-300元/小时,每周工作6-8小时 3、根据教学安排,按时按量准备所授课程内容,完成授课任务 4、创设良好的教学环境 5、关注学生的学习状态,及时调整教学策略 6、完成其它公司安排的临时性工作 Job description: You need to: 1. Interact with students, correct pronunciation, answer questions, help students practice speaking and provide a fun environment for English learning in WeChat groups 2. Teach 1 or 2 live courses a week on a specific platform 3. ¥150-300/hour, working 6-8 hours/week 3. Prepare course content, finish the teaching tasks on schedule 4. Create an active learning atmosphere 5. Plan your teaching strategically according to students’ level and participation 6. Complete other tasks assigned by the company

Job Requirements

任职要求: 1、兼职 2、英语母语者优先,有一定中文水平 3、至少大学本科学位 4、相关教学经验 5、对待学生有耐心,有一定的亲和力,上课可以趣味一点。 6、时间稳定 Job requirements 1.Part-time 2.English native speakers preferred, and should have basic Chinese level 3. You have a bachelor degree or above 4. You are experienced in teaching 5. You need to be patient and friendly with students, and have a funny teaching style 6. You have a flexible schedule and can commit to this project.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

English teacher


Unlimited experience

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