A very responsible and versatile person with developed creativity and a committed approach to work
23 years oldTranslation/ProofreadingCome from Russia Living in Hangzhou
Language: Japanese, Russian, English, Mandarin
Mandarin: simple communication

During my studies at the University, I managed to try myself in different directions, on the basis of which I would like to find my future job

Kazan Federal University
Oct 2019 - Jun 2023(4 years)

For 4 years I was a volunteer at the Kazan Federal University, and during this time I managed to take part in a number of important events, including the UNESCO Conference, held in Kazan in October 2019, and the annual Russian-Chinese cultural and historical conferences. At these events, I worked with documents, registered guests, etc.

Kazan Federal University
, Economy of Asia and Africa (People's Republic of China)
Sep 2019 - Jun 2023(4 years)

The program of this specialty included a general study of the economic trends of the PRC, the development of the country's economy, the economic relations of the PRC with other countries, the country's economy in different historical periods, as well as a