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Full-time10K - 15K RMB per monthShanghai
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Job Responsibilities

1. Prepare daily promotion (everyday) based on General offer, products meeting and industry news 2. Weekly SEO copy once per week. Topics will determine during the weekly meeting and advice from CEO 3. Short video on the perspective of overseas 4. Be sensitive and familiar with different social media channel, contents should be various 5. Stay close with sales for each market, know deeply in their eating habits, holiday, basic culture, social skills, competitors and partners and so on 6. Leads meeting and report: Need to stay close with each salesman. Besides on leads meeting, must go deeper with customer data for fact, for supplier support, client target, sales advice, information share. 7. PR: Keep good relationship with existing PR resource. OT needs to be mentioned once per month in mainstream media. Explore more PR resource 8. Explore more potential and qualified leads from Customer Data and social media 9. Short video focus on domestic product 1-2 per week 10. Have meeting with local sales and buyers every week and confirm with their information with data 11. Assist local sales Tracy to explore more new clients 12. Work on Alibaba B to B account 13. Assis OT events (Seafood Expo, festival etc.) 14. Monthly newsletter and feedback 15. Competitor analysis and bench marketing 16. Market analysis of each grade A market’s eating habit, geography, religion, business habits and cooperation history with OT 17. Check freight fee every week, check with company and official data. Share the report every week 18. Develop sales – new product in new market. Output needs to be shown in leads and orders in terms of seafood, fruit, vegetables and spices.

Job Requirements

Candidate must be: proficient in English and Mandarin. Have at least 2 years experience in FMCG. Lives in Shanghai.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

Job Details

Position type

Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing


1~3 years

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