High-paying Math/Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Economics/Business etc subjects Teachers needed in Bilingual/International schools in China
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Job Responsibilities

Beijing international school is hiring for Aug. 2023 Workload: 7:40-16:40 Monday to Friday Available Vacancies: English Language and literature Teacher Holistic Teacher for Primary School General Science Teacher our schools has adopted the Common Core State Standards and AP curriculum or IB curriculum in English and other subjects. Candidates with knowledge and related teaching experience are especially encouraged to apply. Working Hours – 40 hours/week (Monday-Friday) Teaching Hours – 20 to 25 lessons/week Grades/Curriculum – Grades 9-12 / AP, IGCSE, A Level/IB Salary package: 280k-500k/year, furnished apartment or housing allowance national public holidays summer and winter holidays medical insurance, Free children(1-2) tuition fee for more details , pls feel free to contact through email. thanks

Job Requirements

Requirements: - Candidates should have taught international curriculum previously, AP, 1B, etc. We offer Cambridge international A-Level subjects, so teachers who are familiar with Cambridge International syllabus are prioritized. - Candidates should have prior experience with bilingual high school students. - Candidates should have Master degrees or above in the subject that they apply for. If the candidate is very experienced with A Level, a Bachelor degree can be accepted.

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Subject Teacher


1~3 years

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