Andres Felipe

Highly experienced English and Spanish teacher
35 years oldEnglish teacherCome from Colombia Living in Colombia - Ibagué
Certificate: Other
Experience: Training institution
Language: Spanish, English
Mandarin: not at all

Dedicated and passionate English Teacher with over 10 years of experience fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. Adept at creating engaging lesson plans tailored to individual student needs, I have a proven track record of enhancing language proficiency and critical thinking skills. My commitment to student success is demonstrated through effective communication, innovative teaching methods, and a genuine enthusiasm for English language and literature. Eager to contribute my expertise in language instruction and curriculum development to inspire and empower students in their educational journey.

English Teacher
The Lincoln English Center
Mar 2007 - May 2017(10 years)

Developed language acquisition support plans for ESL students and worked with classroom teachers to implement plans. Taught students of various levels and abilities, overcoming barriers to promote learning success.

Universidad Pedagogica Nacional
, Bachelor Degree in Languages (English, French and Spanish Literature).
Aug 2009 - Jul 2016(7 years)

Bachelor Degree in Languages (English, French and Spanish Literature).